Tweens, Teens and Young People Psychotherapy

Online Therapy for Young People in Plymouth, Devon with UKCP Registered Psychotherapist Dawn Giulietta MA

Confidential sessions in a safe space for young people, aged 11 to 17 to make sense of themselves and grow in their experience.

These sessions are tailored to individual needs and will often involve transitional issues from childhood to Young Person; dependence to independence.

Reparation of any missed childhood developmental stages for a strong, healthy Ego for self-support, resilience and empowerment. Issues around self-confidence, belief, identity, relationships and direction. The sessions are a mix of talking, with a choice of various multi-sensory and creative techniques to enable core integral understanding, transformation and resolution.

Often the work with Teens and Young People (16-18) has little or no parental involvement. Parents can be advised on themes but not content. The young person is free to share any aspect of the work. Separate sessions are offered for parents to work on any issues.

You will gain the most from this experience by regular attendance, being open and curious and working with the process outside of the sessions.

Appointments & Fees

Duration & Frequency
50 minutes, weekly or fortnightly

£80 age 11-12,
£85 age 13-17,
payable prior to or on the day of the appointment.

Cancellation Notice
48 hours notice is required from the time of the appointment, otherwise the full fee is charged.

Appointments may be able to be moved for that week. Please do always ask.
Please give as much notice as possible for holidays.

“My experience of being a client through therapy with Dawn couldn’t have been any better. Dawn is not only very flexible and professional but she is such a great listener, caring, understanding, encouraging and really empathised with me. I learnt that no matter what, therapy wouldn’t have worked for me unless I formed a bond with my therapist and actually wanted to be there and take part in each of my sessions, which is exactly what I did with Dawn…

During therapy I didn’t see me coping on my own without Dawns help and support but Dawn made me realise I was actually helping myself. Within my time spent with Dawn I never had the confidence to see our time together coming to an end and again Dawn made me realise that one day I would be ready to finish therapy and within time I began to see Dawn less and less until I was ready to come to the end.

I truly recommend Dawn to anyone who really needs that someone special and professional to confide in and have to help and listen to them as Dawn was that very special someone to me.”

Gabriella W, Teen Therapy

“I have been lucky enough to have had Dawn’s guidance for most of my life, helping me through difficult patches and showing me different ways to relieve me from my stress and anxieties. Dawn has given me a place of reassurance and calmness when I needed it most – whether that be at 9 years old or 20. Her flexibility to fit me in when I call and her quick responses have given me a safe space to return to when her help is needed. There aren’t enough words to thank her for all she has done for me, and I couldn’t recommend Dawn enough.”

Gaby P, Teen Therapy