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What a gift to live your life to the fullest, completely being all that You Are!

Our work together is a journey of awakening, awareness, discovery, empowerment, fulfilment, embodiment and liberation. A life-changing Rite of Passage.

Through talking and multi-sensory techniques, conscious exploration, healing and development, old limiting wounds, beliefs and perceptions are transformed. A healthy ego, in which to integrate your Soul, is restored and you are free to flourish in mind, body, soul and spirit. Real “Heaven on Earth”.

For those already on their own path of self-discovery, but maybe feel stuck, blocked or lost, I offer ad-hoc Breakthrough sessions, to clear, glean insight and ignite your ongoing process.

Doing your own work outside of our meetings progresses and embeds your process. Journalling develops your sense of self, awareness, insight and self-knowing. Jotting things you want to share or making voice notes to go deeper on issues and experiences, asking family and friends questions and for support, being curious, researching, reading and watching things of interest, following inspirational mentors, developing your own spiritual and healthy lifestyle practices all helps.

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Soul Therapy for Parents


‘I’m so grateful that I found Dawn. As I searched for a psychotherapist it was important to me that the practitioner would “get me”– my spiritual side, yogic practices and how I live with the cycles of nature.

Dawn brings both her education and experience as a trained psychotherapist and her studies in shamanic energy medicine together to create a sacred space for sharing and healing. She asks you to go beyond the day to day experiences and understand how what is happening now is connected to your greater soul’s evolution in this lifetime.

I cherish the support Dawn brings to my life.’

Ingrid, Breakthrough Sessions

“I’m sure you’re used to receiving emotional thanks from relieved parents but I wanted you to know something. What you have both achieved is both remarkable and wonderful and I will be grateful to you for the rest of our lives.

To say you helped give me my son back is not accurate. It’s better than that. I brought you that poor broken kid a couple years ago and look at him now.

You helped him find a potential future and gave him the confidence and courage to fight through… you opened the door and taught him he deserves a good life like everyone else.”

Mark L & Teenage son, Teens Therapy

“All my life I have realised that all the people that you know they come into your life for a specific purpose. Your purpose has been to awake me to my new life, my real life. Thank you so much for all your help!”

Adult Therapy, Monica L