Psychotherapy for Adults

Online Coaching & Psychotherapy for Adults in Plymouth, Devon with UKCP Registered Psychotherapist Dawn Giulietta MA

Online Soul Alignment sessions for your healing journey of transformation.

Living and Loving life with Autonomy, Purpose, Authenticity, Integration, Connection, Appreciation and Joy.

It can be a longer process to an inner sense of autonomy and integrity for adults. Over time our truth and Soul Nature is overlaid with adapted conditioned behaviour, beliefs and perceptions, all put in place to get our needs met.

Unknowingly, we squash and limit our innate incredibleness, losing touch with our Self, worth and abilities.

Our work together is about spiritual incarnation and integration. We explore current, early life and inherited experiences, all of which shape who and how we are. We transform the underlying origins for a healthy, supportive foundation in which we can root and reconnect with our Soul Nature so that we can fly!

You will gain the most from this experience by regular attendance, being open and curious and working with the process outside of the sessions.

Appointments & Fees

Duration & Frequency
50 minutes, weekly or fortnightly

£90 age 18+,
payable prior to or on the day of the appointment.

Cancellation Notice
48 hours notice is required from the time of the appointment, otherwise the full fee is charged.

Appointments may be able to be moved for that week. Please do always ask.
Please give as much notice as possible for holidays.

“Working with Dawn has offered a unique and complementary approach to my personal growth and well-being.

I am able to express my thoughts and emotions with no judgement and Dawn has helped me explore my feelings.

Dawn has encouraged self-reflection and helped me gain insights into my beliefs, values, and behaviours, leading to a deeper understanding of myself.

We have worked on making a connection between mind, body, and spirit helping to seek meaning and purpose in life. It’s been very exciting to be guided in discovering and aligning with my spiritual path, which can provide a sense of direction and fulfilment.

Each session is not only deep, and meaningful but a lot of fun as well, always ending in many laughs.”

Tina F, Adult Therapy

“I was surviving with no real life and scrambling around in the dark. My therapy with Dawn has allowed me to learn to adapt to the darkness, find coping strategies and step into the light which has left me feeling liberated. I can’t thank Dawn enough.”

Rosie P, Adult Therapy

“My journey with Dawn has helped me to understand what the process of healing is & how it works. It is unique to each individual, but Dawn has been pivotal in helping me to embrace my emotions rather than attempt to repress them using logic. I feel so much better for this. Thank you!”

Mike P, Adult Therapy