Child Psychotherapy

Child Psychotherapy sessions Online in Plymouth, Devon with UKCP Registered Psychotherapist Dawn Giulietta MA

Child Therapy

A safe facilitating space for your child to make sense of, express and heal experiences. (Age 10 and under)

Work with children always involves working with parents. Children’s “acting out” is often a reflection of their environment and inheritances and there may be a need for a combination of sessions.

With online work it is essential that your child has a secure space in which to work with me, in order for them to feel safe and be able to relax. Along with privacy, please make sure that you are available too if needed. Sessions are tailored to individual needs to restore developmental stages and encourage integration of their true nature. The sessions are a mix of talking and sharing, play, multi-sensory and creative techniques, such as storytelling, creative imagination, visualisation, art, music, sand, plasticine, imagination and movement, bodywork.

Separate appointments are offered to parents for you to have space and reflection time, to share, absorb and process yours and your child’s situation

You will gain the most from this experience by regular attendance, being open and curious and working with the process outside of the sessions.

Appointments & Fees

Duration & Frequency
50 minutes, weekly

£80 payable prior to or on the day of the appointment.

Cancellation Notice
48 hours notice is required from the time of the appointment, otherwise the full fee is charged.

Appointments may be able to be moved for that week. Please do always ask.
Please give as much notice as possible for holidays.

“… I felt a helpless wreck for my daughter who was 8 years old and her anxiety had spiralled out of control.

My daughter has brittle bones and has broken quite a few bones but the latest one was a severely bad broken femur where she needed a rod in her leg. My daughter was lying in a hospital bed screaming at anyone who came near her. It was horrible to watch and no matter how much I tried to calm her my fears were tuning into her to.

This was a turning point for me as I decided we needed to desperately seek help professionally after trying before through the NHS twice and failing to dig deep into why my daughter had anxiety. A friend of mine recommended Dawn Rosser.

I was very sceptical but called Dawn. The minute I spoke to Dawn I felt at ease as Dawn words of ‘I am going to find a way of helping all of you’. Was a big relief. My daughter saw Dawn and although she was very withdrawn she started talking to Dawn and opening up to things that I didn’t even realise effected my daughter through sand therapy, colouring and playing.

It has taken a full year for my daughter to find her voice again, to take control and tell the professionals, school and anyone what she wants.

Dawn even spent time with me as I didn’t realise how my daughters condition had effected all of us. It has been a real eye opener and I can’t thank Dawn enough for helping all of us out of a dark hole.

I would definitely recommend anyone who is suffering to seek professional help with Dawn.”

Katie V, Child Therapy

“Dawn is enthusiastic, caring and highly skilled at helping children to enjoy the therapy sessions. She relates to children ever so easily and has a fantastic ability to speak with them at their own level of understanding. She is very astute and intuitive to sense what other people are thinking and feeling.
Our daughter has always looked forward to her sessions with Dawn and we always felt that Dawn managed to gain our child’s trust thus creating a safe environment.

Dawn has great compassion and can empathise with your pain and difficulties well. At the same time, she has such a solid emotional footing that nothing will faze her. She can handle any level of stress and emotional turmoil. With her you feel you are “in good hands”. Her ample knowledge and flexibility with different therapeutic approaches gives you the best chance at having a successful outcome.

Dawn inspires patients to confide in her and trust her with their problems without feeling judged. You do feel like you are in a partnership with her setting up goals that we both agree on.
Without Dawn the difficulties in our home would have become crisis…she is truly a lifesaver.”

Dr Maria O, Child Therapy

“We have worked with Dawn for the last 12 years, regularly in the first year, and later intermittently for calm and sensible reassurance and guidance during times of emotional instability. She has been a huge pillar of support to our daughter as she has gone through the various stages of schooling and even on into university life.

Dawn has always remained available and supportive and it has been a huge relief to us as parents to know that we have her help if we need it, but even more so to our daughter, who I know has a very special bond with Dawn. As a family we owe so much to Dawn and for that we are truly thankful.”

Sarah P, Child Therapy