Breakthrough Sessions

Sacred space to fully focus on a situation to discover root issues for healing and transformation.

These specialised sessions are for you to get to the core root of an issue and do the transformational healing work to resolve it.

These can be ad-hoc or as needed and used alongside other therapies and practices to give insight, unearth experiences, help to shift the old and create new space and potential, enabling sustained change and continuance with your own journey of Self-Development.

These sessions are especially beneficial if you are already on your own spiritual/developmental path, with previous experience of therapy, self-development or spiritual practice and may be feeling stuck, blocked or lost in your work. You realign with your Essence, Inner Wisdom and Soul Knowing.

Appointments & Fees

Duration & Frequency
1 hour or 1.5 hours as required

£120 – 60 Minutes,
£180 – 90 Minutes,
payable prior to or on the day of the appointment.

Cancellation Notice
48 hours notice is required from the time of the appointment, otherwise the full fee is charged.

Appointments may be able to be moved for that week. Please do always ask.
Please give as much notice as possible for holidays.

“I am unsure if I can put into words just how life changing my sessions with Dawn have been. Not without writing a book anyway!

There is life before Dawn, and life after!

I have managed with Dawn’s guidance to find that true alignment. I feel capable of anything and even when I have shaky days, I now have the tools to step back into trust and remember who I am. My life has changed beyond recognition.

I was struggling just to get by financially, struggled with my weight, confidence in parenting and relationships and most importantly the relationship with myself. Now, I have a very successful organisation that serves the world with my gifts. I have lost 5stone in weight, my children are happy and I finally remember who I am.

I am forever grateful that I met Dawn and my life is exponentially better.”

Nickita S, Breakthrough Sessions

“I’m so grateful that I found Dawn. As I searched for a psychotherapist it was important to me that the practitioner would “get me”– my spiritual side, yogic practices and how I live with the cycles of nature.

Dawn brings both her education and experience as a trained psychotherapist and her studies in shamanic energy medicine together to create a sacred space for sharing and healing. She asks you to go beyond the day to day experiences and understand how what is happening now is connected to your greater soul’s evolution in this lifetime.

I cherish the support Dawn brings to my life.”

Ingrid, Breakthrough Sessions

“I have worked with various therapists and been on many self development trainings, retreats and workshops but was always left lacking something which I couldn’t quite name. Then I found and worked with Dawn on and off for the past 4 years.

All I can say is wow! For the first time in my life I now feel whole. I am content. I am at peace.
Our work has started in the everyday but my personal transformation has happened by working profoundly deeply in the spirit.
Dawn sees you before you see yourself. She is the torch bearer who leads you in the darkness until you see your own light.
She is patient, insightful, so tuned into spirit and clearly born to do this work.
I shall be forever grateful for meeting this wonderful woman.”
Karrin, Breakthrough Sessions

“I have thought many times that in this storm that I have experienced the last 4/5 months, I have had so much help from you and your sessions.

Helping me clear the underlying stuff so that I have actually moved forward and learned my lessons that are meant for me in this storm and not just got caught in the drama. Because that would have been so easy! Twice when we have worked it has been exactly what I need and in both cases, I fully understood it, only some time after, that your clearing didn’t just help me in where I was, but really prepared me for the next coming shock, unknown for both of us at the time of the session.

Your work is beautifully intuitive and transforming. You have an amazing gift in doing this work!”

Maria B, Breakthrough Sessions

“I have been seeing Dawn regularly for about 1.5 years and it has really been an exciting (inner) journey that has changed my life!

I got out of a destructive relationship and this therapy has helped me find my true self, made me understand myself and the patterns and beliefs I’ve had.
Dawn is a fantastically knowledgeable, committed and intuitive therapist who really understands you even when you don’t always do it yourself! I can highly recommend Dawn and encourage everyone to make their own inner journey!”
Anna K, Breakthrough Sessions